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The Why

During conversations with numerous people about how patriotism was being monopolized, I came up with the first saying, "I am not anti-American, just anti- stupid." Soon after, Good Trubble had its first pop-up at the Woman's protest in San Francisco, and that T- shirt sold out! People were happy and laughing! The company witnessed a certain amount of empowerment shift back to the average citizen, all from a T-shirt message. Continuing to move the needle forward and engage with your community allows for a new understanding of how others live, survive, and thrive.

The Beginning

Growing up as a child in the 60's, the carefree dynamics of my life included tragic events that changed how I viewed the world. These experiences introduced me to the fact that my birth certificate said 'COLORED.' Just like that, my questions of who I was and what I represented have since been at the forefront of everything I do.

In my latter years, I relocated to the Virgin Islands and chose St. Thomas as my home for over 20 years. Once I returned to the states, I noticed a lot of despair in the average person's eyes due to the political environment and felt the need to lift people's spirits by adding sarcasm to politics.

WTF America was born in 2017 after I read an Australian newspaper headline titled, "WTF America." This need to create a meaningful conversation is how Good Trubble was born, which specializes in political satire and current events.

The Future

Good Trubble is paving the way for more discussion and avenues to continue our team's message. Good Trubble's goal is to empower the average person and educate the younger generation, evoke hope, and spark dialogue about being neighbors while allowing all of us to have opinions and respect one another. I must continue to make an imprint of positivity in my life and the lives of others.

"The Firewall to a true democracy since the beginning of time has always been held by poets, philosophers, and artists."

- C. Gordon Jones