"The Firewall to a true democracy since the beginning of time has always been held by poets, philosophers, and artists." - C. Gordon Jones

Good Trubble began when founder Gordon Jones started selling politically satirical t-shirts at Me Too protests. They read "I'm not anti-American, just anti-stupid". The t-shirts took off, bringing humor to the troubling political climate. Jones continued to create more designs, inspired by his passion for social justice and current events.

Jones reached headlines in 2020 when an image he produced with artist Bria Goeller went viral, sending waves globally through print and social media. The meme depicted Vice President Kamala Harris walking in the shadow of Ruby Bridges. Titled “That Little Girl Was Me,” the image reached millions, becoming an icon of the election.

That Little Girl Was Me

The image depicting Vice President Kamala Harris walking in the shadow of young civil rights icon Ruby Bridges. The image inspired women and girls everywhere, heralding a new era in American Politics, while honoring those who's courage paved the way.

"'I was so moved by that image. I've given it a name myself, I call it 'shadows and shoulders,' because it reminded me that all of us are standing on the shadows of people who came before us - or standing on the shoulders.' - Ruby Bridges"